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Maximum of 5 users at £15 per user per month + £50 for hosting and database security.



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Maximum of 10 users at £15 per user per month + £50 for hosting and database security.



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Maximum of 15 users at £15 per user per month + £50 for hosting and database security.

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  • Lead Management
    • Track, filter, and qualify new prospective customers.
  • Lead Assignment and Routing
    • Route hot leads to the right reps and view the impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline.
  • Duplicate Blocking
    • Improve CRM data quality by preventing duplicates, so data is more usable, reliable, and relevant.
  • Web-to-Lead Capture
    • Generate leads with the prospecting data from your company’s website visitors.
  • Email Templates
    • Create form emails to communicate consistently with customers and prospects.
  • Account and Contact Management
    • Get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions.
  • Opportunity Management
    • Track key details about every deal, such as stage, quotes, products, and more.
  • Customisable Sales Process
    • Easily personalise your team’s sales milestones with a sales path.
  • Task Management, Activity Feed
    • Get the complete view of all customer engagement in one place.
  • Person Accounts
    • Get a complete view of customers when they are individual people, including activity history, and service and sales engagement.
  • Sales Teams
    • Specify collaborators assigned to each deal.
  • Calendar All
    • Create a calendar from any object to be able to visualize and act on important sales data.
  • Full Mobile and Tablet Functionality
    • Continue using the CLOUD CRM on your mobile or tablet, including creating new records. Your data will sync simultaneously.
  • Collaborative Forecasting
    • See a complete view of your entire pipeline and your business.
  • Custom Opportunity fields in forecasting
    • Focus on data points unique to your business.
  • Predictive Forecasting
    • Take the guesswork out of forecasting using your company’s sales history. Use automated machine learning to make predictions and share intuitive insights behind the prediction.
  • Contracts
    • Help your sales teams manage contract approvals and renewals.
  • Sales Orders
    • Track and manage sales orders in one central location.
  • Quotes
    • Easily create basic quotes by pulling in products and pricing to show customers.
  • Invoices
    • Easily create and send invoices to customers. 
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
    • Make more informed, consistent decisions with real-time configurable reports and dashboards.
  • Advanced Reporting Features
    • Advanced reporting features include cross filters, joined reports, bucketing, and history tracking.
  • Opportunity Scoring
    • Analyze your data, predict which opportunities are most likely to convert, and see the intuitive factors behind the scores allowing you to prioritize the best deals to close.
  • Pipeline Inspection 
    • Maintain a healthy pipeline in a robust consolidated view. Track real-time pipeline movement, identify changes and de-risk deals with actionable insights.
  • Files
    • Share and collaborate on key files relevant to each deal.
  • Topics and Recommendations
    • Automatically get the most up-to-date content and recommendations on what to follow and join.
  • Chatter
    • Collaborate throughout your company and with outside parties.



The CLOUD CRM comes with all the features needed the only upfront cost is your setup fee and monthly subscription fee. No additional fees!

Yes, the only contract you have with us is a rolling contract. This is to ensure we cover you and ourselves by asking for a 1 month notice. You can upgrade and downgrade as much as needed.

Yes! We understand that money can be tight so we have options for monthly or yearly.

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